Is there a way for the "Country" name to be included in the address? (PATRON MANAGER)

I am not sure if this is the right place to ask but I’ve been wondering if there would be a country tab located in the Patron Manager. I am having trouble every month because I usually send out 110+ mails / packages and I have to figure out the country using the Zip Code by searching the address using google maps (we had a mistake and accidentally labeled a UK package with US instead). I use a label printer for my mail address labels and it’s always an added chore when I could only copy the Name and Address (without country) from the patron manager.

Downloading the .csv and using the information there is not an option for me.

I hope someday patreon can add an extremely helpful feature for creators who send out a lot of mailables like me.

Thank you so much!


Hey @rainbowholic! thanks for making this post. Have you tried using relationship manager? This article explains how:

Let me know if your issue still remains and I’ll make a report of it for the team! As we released Relationship Manager, we are no longer actively building new features for patron manager.

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Hey, we second this. Patreon’s international addresses always come out completely weird and we have to double check them with google search and sometimes even contact the patron to make sure they’re formatted correctly. This really needs to be looked at.


Hello @mindy! Thanks for your response. I tried using relationship manager but I find the patron manager more convenient when I do batch printing of labels and I need the list for a certain month. When I see relationship manager, there is no option where I could find a summary of “May 2019” patrons or “June 2019” patrons (that is why I use patron manager).

I also have a concern when copying the address from patron manager. Whenever I try to select the name+address (after clicking “show address”), the dropdown menu snaps back to its original position (the address is hidden again, then i have to toggle once more). I think this feature can be improved more by having a button like “copy address” (i’m using e-commerce platform as a reference, because they have an easy “Copy Shipping Address” button) or just don’t allow it to go back automatically to its position after selecting address.

anyway, just sharing some ideas on how to make the fulfillment part easier for creators. i deal with many packages a month and I find myself spending extra time in these areas. >_>

thank you so much for considering our suggestions here!^^

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same! i had a package returned back to us because we accidentally put the wrong country but the correct address. i also use google maps for confirmation instead of relationship manager…

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I’ve been using the addresses from the patron manager for over a year. The country is always abbreviated after the zip code. if you’re using a mailing app like Endicia just add a carriage return between the zip and the last two letters (the country) and the app will look it up and switch it to the long form.
121615 RU
add the return
then Endicia will change it when you validate it.

Endicia will only validate US addresses it total. It considers international addresses validated by zip code and country.


hello! thanks for your input! that is really convenient. however, i am based in Japan and I use the Japan Post >_<

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Hey @mindy, hoping to get confirmation that this will be looked at and prioritized. The capability to accurately receive and use addresses for reward fulfillment is an essential process.


Hi folks!

Firstly, thanks for all the feedback and thought around this issue. I don’t take lightly how much time it takes to provide these kinds of insights about how you use Patreon and how we can continue to improve, so thank you very much. Secondly, I’ve got some updates for you at this time, but it’s most likely not the news you were hoping for, although I hope you appreciate the transparency.

  1. Since we built Relationship Manager (RM) to replace Patron Manager (PM), we are no longer actively adding to or building features for PM. We will continue to fix anything large that would break PM fully, but we’re not investing in it any further so it’s sadly unlikely we will be adding this capability.

  2. Relationship Manager is the tool we will continue to invest in. However, at this time, we recognize that the functionality we have discussed in this thread (the ability to see patrons and address for a certain month) is not currently available. It’s the biggest gap between RM and PM at this time. We’re aware this is a painful issue for RM and something we need to add.

I have passed on all the feedback in this thread to the team and will keep you updated of any changes we make in the future around this issue.

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Thank you for your response and for considering our suggestions and for enlightening me regarding the status of Patron Manager.

I think that adding the feature to see patrons / address for the certain month will be extremely helpful for many creators indeed.

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