Is there a way to add attachments from phone?

Is there a way to add attachments to new post from phone? It would be super useful if pc suddenly doesn’t work anymore. : ) Maybe I just didn’t see it.

Other small thing: I would like to be able to go back and edit from old posts without changing publishing date to day I edited it. For example if you have blog for patrons and some posts relate to certain time, it is nice to keep the original publish date.

RE: editing posts, I have never had the dashboard update the publishing date when I make edits. It does prompt me if I want to let Patrons know of the change, but I would have to change the publish date myself if I wanted to change that.

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Hi @Huli, see how to make a post on the Patreon mobile app in the article below. Step 2 walks you through how to share an image or video, and how to add an image through the test of your post. Sadly, creating Image galleries in posts cannot be done on the app, but can be done via mobile web :slight_smile: