Is there a way to attach a file to private messages sent to Patrons?

Hi everyone!

I’d like to reward my Patrons (now that I’ve received their first payment via Patreon) by sending them a music score I wrote as attachment to a thank you message.

The Patron Manager’s feature of selecting the “processed Patrons” is great! I selected them and then pressed “send message”. The problem is that, apparently, it seems I can’t attach any file to this message. Is like that or am I missing something? Is there any workaround that you know by any chance?

Thank you very much for your help!


I don’t know the answer tyo your question, but another way to do this is to simply make a thank you post that is visible to your patrons only, and attach a file to it. They’ll receive it by email. I’m not sure if the attachment is emailed as well, but it will be there as a link at least that they can click to download.

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Hey @dave.wave! Joumana’s suggestion is great. Another thing I’ve seen creators do is upload the file to a site like Dropbox and then simply include a link to it.

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Hi @ellie, thank you very much for your suggestion! Ok, I’ll try using Google Drive…thanks again! :slight_smile:

Sort of related to this, I would love a way to add an image to a message sent to Patrons - sometimes I need to send or receive a photo from Patrons regarding their rewards and it’s inconvenient to have to use an outside messenger or email for it. Any go around for this besides posting for their entire tier?

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