Is there a way to get a notification when a patron messages us?

I rely a lot on my phone notifications to know when a patron comments on a post we’ve put up, but I keep missing messages from patrons because apparently the app doesn’t send notifications of that. Is there something I’m missing here? Is there a way to get notified of a message from a patron? I don’t see why that is less important than a comment; in fact it is usually more important and it’s often taking us a long time to respond to them.


Hey @FutilityCloset, thanks for the post! This is a great point you raise. To double check, do your settings look like this? The team want to ensure you’re not referring to issues with getting notifications for comments on your posts.

Thanks, Mindy. Every one of those circles is checked in my settings. I was trying to say in my post that I do get notifications of comments on posts, but I’m not getting notifications when a patron sends a message through Patreon, so the messages are often not being responded to in a timely manner.

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Thank you for confirming! The team let me know that this is not a bug but something we definitely want to build soon. In the meantime, are you at least getting emails for new messages? Not that this is the same but just wanted to check on the status of that too.

Yes, we do seem to be getting emails. Unfortunately, they all go to my husband, who gets boatloads of emails, so it’s easy for them to be overlooked. I usually am the one who tries to stay on top of who is trying to communicate with us through Patreon. It is really easy to overlook when someone sends a message. There’s a little tiny notification that appears on the desktop version of the app, in an out-of-the-way spot (it doesn’t even show up in the same place as the other notifications), and no notification on the phone. So it’s being a bit of an issue for us. :slight_smile:

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