Is there way to live stream exclusively on Patreon using YouTube?

Is there way for me to live stream using my YouTube account ( maybe unlisted? ) and only feed that to my Patreons, and then later repost it to the rest of my YouTube audience. This way my Patreons will get a value of watching and participating live. Is there way to do that?

Oh and if there is - then will they be able to participate in live chat as well? What about mobile?


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I’ve done this many times.
Just make sure the live stream is unlisted, and post it in a video post. Just use the live stream url instead of a video and make the post Patron only. They should be able to join chat by following the link in the video to watch it directly on YouTube.
If they watch it on Patreon they won’t be able to join the YT chat.

Voila. Patron only live stream.
You can then list it as public at a later time.


Thanks for that! So, when I do an Unlisited video - does YouTube generate a unique URL? I mean what prevents the rest of my audience from watching it for free?

When it’s unlisted your subscribers don’t get a notification, it won’t appear in appear searches. The only way anyone can watch an unlisted video is if you provide the link or embed it somewhere.

So every time I live stream unlisted it’ll create a unique URL to share?

That’s what I said.
It’s no different than any other unlisted video.