Is this workaround going to work?

I have $10/month tier and I have 2 people who want to pay upfront for 1 year ($500) and don’t want to pay month to month.

Will this work if I send them this instruction?

  1. Sign up for the Patreon using the custom pledge button and change the amount to $500
  2. Go through and submit the pledge
  3. Log back in and change the pledge amount from $500 to a really small amount like 0.50 cent or something.

I’m not sure if Patreon will take cent pledges. If they do, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Though just to point out, it’s not 500$, it’s 120$.

You can also try to sign up for Patreon’s beta program with annual memberships. I wouldn’t hope for anything though, I would be surprised if they still even checked the form submissions.

Is there a reason they need to use Patreon though? Until annual subscriptions come out for everyone, they’ll have to do this all again a year later, assuming they’ll remember. A one-off payment elsewhere might be better. And if you lock certain posts to higher tiers, they’ll never see them anyway. (Since they’ll be pledged too low.)

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The issue here is that if they cancel their pledge after, they will lose access to your patreon. You have to use the annual plan patreon provides (as mentioned, isnt released for everyone yet), for it to give them access for a year. A single pledge, will just be counted as a single months pledge without using thier annual system.

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