Issues with Android app 6.2.17


A few days ago both my Android phone and tablet updated to Patreon app version 6.2.17, since then I’m having an issue with the photo gallery posts, I’m unable to see the pictures in full screen mode when I tap them. The issue is happening on both devices. I didn’t experience it with the previous versions.

I’m a creator, and I’m getting feedback from my patrons reporting the same issue with the Android app, they can’t see the pics in full screen mode when they tap over them.

For your information the issue isn’t reproducing in iOS and iPadOS, the apps are working fine.

Do any of you are experiencing the same issue?




I’ve just checked and couldn’t reproduce your issue with version 6.2.17 on my android 9 phone.

Hi @lorebarros - sorry to hear you’ve having trouble with the app. Please start a support ticket so the team can look into this!