Issues with Joining Up on Mobile

Hi, a couple of people have told me they can’t become patrons using their mobile phone browsers. They see my page, click ‘become a patron’ and the page just keeps buffering and won’t load.

A family member mentioned it a few months ago and I assumed it was them being bad with technology, but a friend flagged it up today as well. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a workaround?


Hi @francesca, thanks for the making this post. The best thing to do if you hear this is to tell them to write into Patreon support. That way our team can find out all the information we need (like what device they’re using, what browser, if they’re on wifi or service etc) to be able to help them, plus track if this is happening for others.

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My friend messaged me after I posted here and said she tried using a phone that had been updated and it worked, so I think it’s probably that her phone wasn’t updated properly and just glitched out. If I keep hearing about it, I’ll contact support. Thanks!

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Happy to hear that! Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

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