Issues With Lens

A few things that are off about lens including a bug when trying to post a video lens with a message on it.

  1. The little bars you click to drag to decide what 15 seconds of the video you’re going to use when you import a video have a really small “click me” area, had to keep trying to tap it until I got lucky.

  2. It’d be great if we could add on more than one little message overlay instead of being limited to the one in case there are multiple things we’d want to point out.

  3. I found I was entirely unable to post a video lens if it had a message on it. Tried posting the same one after not putting on the message (after having tried to post it with the message three times) and it went through. Also to note I found I also wasn’t able to save the version with the message on it either which I tried to do hoping I could cut off a second when trying to post it again.

  4. I also noticed that after you post a lens you can’t change the public/exclusive setting anymore. I know the lens are meant to be short and gone before you know it but if you decide to change it from exclusive to public after an hour or literally right after posting it you can’t seem to currently do that.


all valid issues - I concur

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This is great Lens feedback, thank you for posting it @vrart1. I’m gonna tag in @buster directly so he can read it from you and ask any follow questions if they’re needed.

Lens bug report: Wide photos posted to lens via Android display correctly (black bars at top and bottom of screen) on Android, and incorrectly on iOS (zoomed way in so you only see the center of the photo, with the left and right sides cropped out).

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Totally agree with you @vrart1 … especially no.3 is a big issue also for me… removing the text will make upload possible, otherwise upload button not available…

@mindy … there might be also a bug between iOS and Android. When you try to upload multiple clips during a low internet connection - Android says “Retry” but it happen that the order of the clips will change… (not happening on iOS)…

But - still a great add-on!

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thanks for the bug reports @myrrh and @VanessaPur! I’ll report them to the team.

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@myrrh @VanessaPur @vrart1 I’m back with questions!

for "unable to post a video lens if it had a message on it…I also wasn’t able to save the version with the message on it either " and "When you try to upload multiple clips during a low internet connection the order of the clips will change" can you let me know

  • what device you’re using? and what version of operating system?
  • what version of the app?
  • the complete steps you take that causes this bug to happen?

we’re trying to reproduce them on our end so we can fix them :slight_smile:

15 seconds for lens is not enough to say even the quickest thing without sounding rushed and like you are trying to squeeze in too much, too fast, like the disclaimers at the end of a radio commercial.

Also when I record it cuts off the first second of audio so I have to waste 1 or 2 seconds waiting before I speak

also when I try to upload a prerecorded video from the gallery that is 13 seconds, it will say “video too long”.

Some serious improvements needed on this feature

I found #3 to be especially annoying. If I film with my phone camera app, the video is better quality. But many times when I try to upload pre-shot videos I have issues with or without text.

Also Lens video uploads only works if I have a GREAT connection. So far that pretty much has to be my home WiFi. But I’d like to be able to shoot little videos out and about too.

Additionally I’ve had Lens posts flagged and removed for being public when my settings are always set to Patrons Only. I know at one point that was a bug being looked into, but I never heard anything more and I honestly stopped using Lens because I didn’t want to have to report it as a bug as often as I was. And beyond that I was afraid of my account being dinged for it.

One solution might be that NSFW accounts can only post non-public Lens posts. I’m guessing that would cut down on the workload of having to review the posts too.