Issues with Patreon's Mailchimp integration

I’ve been having an issue with Patreon’s Mailchimp integration - only every third/fourth Patreon subscriber we receive gets added to our Mailchimp mailing list. This is an issue as we want to send out welcome emails to each subscriber, as well as a weekly newsletter. Has anyone else had this issue? Were you able to fix it?

Have you written into our support team about this? If not, I recommend that you do (Submit a request – Patreon Help Center). With integrations like this, the issue could be coming from the partner’s side, so that’s something to try to rule out in the troubleshooting. Shoot a message to our support team so they can look into it and assist!

I submitted a ticket both through Mailchimp and Patreon,. The response I received from Patreon support mentioned that developer support for the Patreon API is no longer provided, and directed me to this forum.

Thanks for this info - can you PM me your support ticket number please?

Tagging @CodeBard in case he can help as well.

Here it is - 1349948.

If Mailchimp can provide any logs about this situation, we could be able to look into it.