Italics not transferring from Word to text posts

I’m an author/artist, and as I was posting a story today on Patreon, I noticed most of the italics weren’t transferred. Somehow a couple of words were okay, but I had to go through the rest and format it again. As there are plenty of writers on Patreon, and italics are often used for inner monologue or emphasis, it would be very, very helpful if the formatting transferred okay when copying from Word. I know Wattpad had the same problem, but now it’s all right, so Patreon’s text editor is not the only one.

Also, when there’s a lot of text (a long chapter, for example), scrolling lags a lot. Maybe this could be improved in the future?

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Hi @engellmann, thanks for making this post! As this is more of a bug, please can you report this to our support team? As they will need to collect additional information from you to understand this issue. Thank you so much!

They probably also need to original Word document. I just tried it out of curiosity with several pages of Word text and everything carried over without problems. Maybe there are inconsistencies in the Word document itself?

Yes, I just actually tried the same, with a different Word file. Everything is ok. I think it has to do with how the original file was created, but it’s been years, so I’m not sure about that one. Something wrong with the code.

Okay! I wasn’t sure about the other issue with the scrolling, so I thought I’d post here first.