Itch Distribution Seems to Have Broken

Hello! Beginning yesterday (Sunday 11/22) our Patrons began to encounter an error when trying to connect to to download the Early Access build of our game:

Screenshot 2020-11-23 103019

According to the Patron Manager, the people encountering this issue have all paid the requisite amount (no declines), are pledged to the appropriate tier for the reward, and should by all means be able to access it. Itch distribution had been working fine for the past 3 years, however when I clicked “Refresh Campaign” under Edit » Distribute » Patreon Access it returned the same error our Patrons were encountering.

We’ve reached out to as well, and it seems other people are encountering this issue too. Here is a link to the thread:

Hope it’s able to be fixed soon-- this build download is our primary Patron reward! Thanks,


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Hopefully this is a minor issue, it’s debilitating for people that distribute their games using itch :frowning:

Seemed like it was working fine until yesterday.

This seems related to currency changes. A fix just went out (~1 hour ago) to fix currently_entitled_amount_cents which should be used for this kind of checks.

Please check the situation of these patrons and see if they are still having that issue.


Error still persists, both on patron and creator side when trying to connect or edit the itch integration.

Hi CodeBard-- I just tried it as well, myself and a handful of Patrons, and the error is the same. I double-checked to make sure my campaign was still connected in Itch, and it is, but it still gave me the same error when I tried to click “Refresh Campaign.”

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Just updating that this error is still persistent and we’ve had to start delivering game builds on an individual basis, which isn’t going to be sustainable with a full release. We really need this functionality.

Update: It appears to be working now for claiming games (at least for me and our patrons), but when setting up a product to distribute on itch with patreon, the “refresh campaign” button appears to still be returning the “There was an error with your request” response.

Hey @Watsup - thanks for the updates, this is really helpful for us! Just wanted to update that we’re working with get their API updated to handle these currency conversions.


Awesome, thanks for the update!

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The original errors seemed to have returned when I tested it again tonight.