It's monthly watch my Patrons drop day!

November 31st and I have 54 patrons and $480ish expected.

December 1st and I have 46 patrons and $414 paid out.

I’m trying to be patient for this “Charge up front” feature but when you see that much money that you have earned disappear and you can’t do anything about it it’s frustrating.

There are few things as discouraging than watching the numbers rise and then crash and knowing so many people are viewing the content for free. I can’t even call them out on it for fear of others noticing and following suit.

Hasn’t this “Pay up front” feature been in beta for about a year now? It feels like it and although I’ve only been around a four or five months I was really hoping I’d be invited into it by now.

I love Patreon and the opportunities it gives me but “pay day” instead of being something I look forward to is something I dread as I wonder how many people will go away with out paying.

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@ellie may be able to help you in regards to getting the feature.

Just keep in mind that its permanent and isn’t a good fit for everyone. Be sure to read the feature documentation fully before choosing to do it. There are a good number of people who find it’s not for them and cannot change back. (I cannot use it even though i have the feature because of it’s potential to screw myself and my patrons over and i really cannot change the way i run my patreon to address the issues i can and the issues i cannot address with the feature are a deal breaker for me. I wrote about it here if it interests you.)

Otherwise, if the feature suits you, i hope that the staff here can get that feature to you soon! I know how much of a pain fake pledgers are and I’m certainly sick of them. (It’s why i send out all my finished content that isn’t stuff i’ll be posting to the web later, things like high res files, polls, etc, all get sent via DM to paid patrons so only they get the content.)

Good luck!!!

I’m solving this pretty much by manually working out “tiered lifetime contribution rewards” as detailed in another thread by someone else. Everyone from whom we receive at least the minimum pledge (actually processed and received!) gets the main thing; but thereafter we’re doing rewards in $5 increments for lifetime pledging.