Jan. 1 Not Charging Pledges

It’s 2 p.m. on Jan. 1 and only 182 out of 726 of my patrons have been charged for their pledges. Is something wrong with the system?

I have the same thing happening on my page as well.
I have 95 Patrons, and only 40 have been charged.

FYI, Jan 1/New years is a stat holiday in many places. Many banks will likely not be running/processing today.

Aren’t most pledges via credit card? The bank holiday should not influence charging pledges, right?

Really depends on the card/bank, if someone is paying by paypal and need to withdraw funds from their bank instead of using credit already on their account, and how Patreon payment processing is actually setup. It’s all in the details but this is the only logical thing i can think of. Things have always come out on my end slower around stat holidays so it’s the only thing that really makes sense from my experience.

It could just be a really busy day for purchases/CC spending and it might just be a little slower to compensate. No artists I’ve talked to usually ever get 100% all processed in one day so if you usually do then i am envious XD Every bank is different and i have enough people from various different kinds of banks that it usually takes up until the 5th before everything comes out due to processing times for each institution.

This didn’t happen last January.
Nor has it happened for me ever.
Normally all of my pledges are processed by 10am my time at the latest.

It’s now 5 hours past that and still only 40 pledges have been processed.
This is unusual and regardless how you pay, payments are almost always processed immediately. It doesn’t matter what day or holiday it is - when I shop online with whatever form of payment, it is charged and processed immediately.

This is not normal and should be looked into. In 18 months of being on Patreon this is the first time I have ever had to wait to get paid.

There was some sort of site maintanence going on earlier today, maybe that has something to do with it?

If there is some kind of maintenance issue effecting the pledges it would be nice to get some kind of heads up from Patreon.

I sent a support request and got an auto reply that I would hear back “within the week.” So… that’s not exactly reassuring.

I am envious of your experience because this is never the case for me on Patreon. It usually takes until the 5th for payments to process fully for me and I’ve been using Patreon for 4 years. And if people are paying through paypal and not with credit already in their account, depending on their bank and setup it can delay them. This is something I know for sure because it has happened to my outgoing payments (until I fixed my settings) and also incoming payments on holidays and non holidays.

I agree it should be looked into. Just saying it’s a possibility.

I normally get quite prompt payments throughout the 1st of each month but today the 1st as come and and gone and I seem to only have roughly half the money expected.

Just replying to say that after a small delay everything came through fine :smile:

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Everything back to normal. Nearly all pledges charged.

Sorry I missed this yesterday! I think all pledges processing should be nearly complete. Anything else being held up may be re-tries. They did pause briefly yesterday afternoon though - so you were right that things were slower than normal.

I got my payout yesterday to my Paypal (always get it on the 5th :+1:). But it seems that this month Patreon did not deduct the “Funds Used For Pledges to Other Creators” to the two creators I pledge to. :thinking:

I also am pretty confused about the numbers I see as “your share” in the earnings tab, and the “Total Funds Deducted From Creator Balance” in the payouts tab - shouldn’t these be the same? They are not, not any of them. Is it because I have “charge up front” or something - although I can’t see why that would be.

Generally, the amount in the payouts tab is more because of charge up front. If you had a new patron last month, or a patron who upped their pledge. that money is included in your payout amount.

There were several complaints in the FB creator’s group about pledges to other creators not being deducted from the incoming balance this month. Maybe it depends on what your balance is when the other creators pledges are processed? Meaning, if their pledges are processed before yours, there might not be enough of a balance to pull from? Just a guess.


I think this is the case: If you don’t have funds before the charges come out, as Lisa explains, it will not be taken out of your earnings but instead, whatever payment you have on file. I have never had payments come out of my earnings for other creators at any point in the 4 years I’ve been on Patreon, but I’ve also never left a balance in my account to do so and my payments to other always seem to come out before i get any payments from my patrons. (I know some others have mentioned that how it seemed to work for them had changed recently in this regard as well but I have no idea if they had money in their balance before hand or not. Maybe @carla can shed some light on this process.)

Digging into this for an answer - it may be sometime tomorrow!

Ok! Answer received, and Temrin was correct. There was an issue with payment processing this month. Creators payment methods were charged instead of their account balances, but that should be cleared up for next month.

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