Join our weird stream-a-thon and let's get through this "together"

Hello creators,

In times of uncertainty and isolation, the world needs creators more than ever. That’s why we can’t wait to spend time together this Wednesday, March 18th , at our Weird Stream-a-thon — a free virtual creator hang-out hosted by our CEO Jack Conte. The programming is unreal in the best way possible.

During the stream-a-thon, we’ll be raising money for our new artist grant — a fund for creators run by creators — benefiting artists whose creative businesses have been adversely affected by Covid-19.

We’re kicking off the grant by donating $10K, on top of $1 for every Weird Stream-a-thon attendee. This means that, even if you can’t donate, you’ll be helping creators worldwide just by attending ( and sharing ) this event.

More info on the artist grant:

  • You can help impacted creators by donating any amount to the grant here .
  • If you’re a creator facing extreme financial hardship during this time, you can apply to be a grant recipient here .
  • We’ll have a committee of creators deciding on the recipients of these funds.

If you can’t give but want to help, share this. The more attendees, the bigger the fund, and the larger the grant we have to help creators with.

Thank you for helping us support creative work during this difficult time. See you Wednesday!

Register here.

The Patreon team

Hey y’all - I RSVPd and got the reminder for the stream-a-thon and I don’t have any info about where to participate. It looks like it’s on Zoom maybe? But in order to join a meeting, it looks like I need a code that I don’t have? Any tips about how to actually join in?

hey @emily it’s happening on YouTube right now!!

Thank you so much for joining us to support artists impacted by COVID-19. From the performances and interviews (rewatch those here) to every moment of connection in the chat, this digital hang was a big moment for the creative community to come together and rise above all that’s going on around us. We’d love to hear your feedback !

Not only was it a special to connect with 9,296 total attendees from 27 countries (something we couldn’t do easily IRL), but your donations, promotion, and attendance will make a difference to the lives of creators who are struggling. With your help, we raised $38,535 to kick off our new grant program, What the Fund in 3 hours. All donations will go directly to applicants chosen by our diverse committee of creators.

It’s not over yet! You can still donate or apply to the grant program: LEARN MORE

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