Join the A. Club: a creator accountability club


What’s the A. Club?

We’re putting together small creator groups for a short-term accountability club — but that’s a mouthful to say, so we’re calling it the A. Club.

How does it work?

  • After you sign up, we’ll do our best to group you with like-minded creators who will support you and your creative work. Matching won’t be perfect but the important thing is building a creative support system.

  • Each A. Club will meet for a weekly check-in where you’ll establish goals, build actionable steps to achieve them, and receive support and encouragement from your peers.

  • Every other week (or so) the community team will hold office hours where you can connect with a few more creators and the Patreon team.

A. Club Schedule:

  • Week 0 → December 9 → Kick off meeting
  • Week 1 → December 16*
  • Week 2 → December 23 (optional A. Club week).
  • Week 3 → December 30
  • Week 4 → January 6*
  • Week 5 → January 13
  • Week 6 → January 20*
  • Week 7 → January 27
  • Week 8 → February 3 → Wrap Up Meeting

*Includes Office Hours with the community

Learn more & sign up for the A. Club here.


Hello, I signed up for this club but I never got an invite. I tried to send an e-mail a few times to ask for a link or anything but I am not sure if you retreived it, my hotmail account was acting odd and I couldn’t get to fix it.

Is the A club always at 12pm EST? Because it’s nearing bedtime for me at that point, so it’s hard to attend it as well. :confused:

Hi @CarrotCarrot - so sorry for the hiccup! The Kick Off meeting this week was at 12:00p PDT. I sent an email with the replay for those who were unable to attend.

Can you send me a DM so I can confirm your email and make sure you’re getting our messages?


Reyna I am trying to reach you, I emailed and I am looking for a way to DM you. It’s regarding A Club


I’ve also been trying to reach you.

I have a simple question: I’m a member of the A Club, but I haven’t received an e-mail notice of who the other members are for the small group I’m supposed to be in. Was it supposed to be the others I talked to on the 9th during the Zoom meeting, or am I waiting for contact info for someone else?

It’s a separate email that lists all the group members and their contact info. Hopefully you get that sorted soon!

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Hi @partygirlpearl, I followed up via email!

@Th_Mole can you send me a DM to confirm your email address?