Join the A. Club: a creator accountability club


What’s the A. Club?

We’re putting together small creator groups for a short-term accountability club — but that’s a mouthful to say, so we’re calling it the A. Club.

How does it work?

  • After you sign up, we’ll do our best to group you with like-minded creators who will support you and your creative work. Matching won’t be perfect but the important thing is building a creative support system.

  • Each A. Club will meet for a weekly check-in where you’ll establish goals, build actionable steps to achieve them, and receive support and encouragement from your peers.

  • Every other week (or so) the community team will hold office hours where you can connect with a few more creators and the Patreon team.

A. Club Schedule:

  • Week 0 → December 9 → Kick off meeting
  • Week 1 → December 16*
  • Week 2 → December 23 (optional A. Club week).
  • Week 3 → December 30
  • Week 4 → January 6*
  • Week 5 → January 13
  • Week 6 → January 20*
  • Week 7 → January 27
  • Week 8 → February 3 → Wrap Up Meeting

*Includes Office Hours with the community

Learn more & sign up for the A. Club here.


Hello, I signed up for this club but I never got an invite. I tried to send an e-mail a few times to ask for a link or anything but I am not sure if you retreived it, my hotmail account was acting odd and I couldn’t get to fix it.

Is the A club always at 12pm EST? Because it’s nearing bedtime for me at that point, so it’s hard to attend it as well. :confused:

Hi @CarrotCarrot - so sorry for the hiccup! The Kick Off meeting this week was at 12:00p PDT. I sent an email with the replay for those who were unable to attend.

Can you send me a DM so I can confirm your email and make sure you’re getting our messages?


Reyna I am trying to reach you, I emailed and I am looking for a way to DM you. It’s regarding A Club


I’ve also been trying to reach you.

I have a simple question: I’m a member of the A Club, but I haven’t received an e-mail notice of who the other members are for the small group I’m supposed to be in. Was it supposed to be the others I talked to on the 9th during the Zoom meeting, or am I waiting for contact info for someone else?

It’s a separate email that lists all the group members and their contact info. Hopefully you get that sorted soon!

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Hi @partygirlpearl, I followed up via email!

@Th_Mole can you send me a DM to confirm your email address?


Thank you, Reyna. I had a tremendous experience with this group. They are not only my cheerleaders but great friends. Best accountability group I’ve tried yet.

I signed up but got grouped with creators on the opposite side of the world so we could never coordinate a meeting. My work time is their bed time and vice-versa. If one could be paired with creators in or near their own country or time zone that would work much better, I think. I admit my country stretches across 12 time-zones, but pairing up could have been more conveniently planned.

Thanks for sharing your experience and I’m sorry your group didn’t work out! This is a new-ish program and we’re continuing to iterate and improve it, so this is really helpful feedback. In the meantime, let me see if there’s a current or future cohort of A. Club that we can find you a better group for :slight_smile:


Thank you. I got a response from Emily.

Apparently my time zone in your records was UTC + when it should have been UTC -. The issue can be tracked back to programmers in the 1980s who were ignorant of United States geography.

To this day it continues to result in my location often being classified as an independent nation rather than as a part of the USA. Services like yours frequently have similar issues with my area since geographic software is typically bought rather than individually programmed by each website. Most software today still cannot properly designate this locale as they refuse to use the proper legal terminology for jurisdictions in the US.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Karl Callwood, 2017 EPA Region 2 Environmental Champion
Environmental Heritage Researcher and Promoter, Camp Umoja and the Environmental Rangers

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