July 2019 Review

Happy August! July flew by for me, hopefully you were able to find some room to enjoy life, try something new, and stick your feet in the water.

  1. IMAGE GALLERIES! :framed_picture:
    We launched image galleries and everyone cheered! This was the first full, new feature on Patreon that appeared in the forum as part of Open Studio in April, and then 3 months later, was fully live. Thanks to everyone who gave feedback and helped shape this feature.

  2. Creator Page Refresh Design :paintbrush:
    We rolled out a slightly updated version of your creator page, offering new placement of profile image, header image, and patron/$ count, if you choose to display those. So far, the feedback has been great! Thanks again to those who contributed.

  3. Monthly drop in $ getting you down? You’re not alone :sparkling_heart:
    If you get anxious checking your Patreon around pay day, you’re not alone. We’re talking about this sensation and how to combat it in the thread linked above.

  4. Creative Marketplace :shopping_cart:
    We launched a place to keep track of what exciting items, trinkets, and wonders other Patreon creators are selling. Pop in to find inspiration, gift ideas, and share your store pages too!

  5. How Patreon Moderates Content :wave:
    As part of Trust and Safety blog series, our latest post is about how we moderate content, why, and our commitment to communication, education and transparency. If you have any questions, leave them in the thread and our team will be happy to answer them.

  6. Threads of note :thinking:
    We want to hear your opinion on these topics below:

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I love these roundups and YAY my thread about SOs made it in here! July is such a rough month for me, all my piano students and various other gigs vanish and my income is SO SCARY! Thankful for my patrons, and quality at home time (eating beans and rice hahaha).

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Thanks for the feedback @michaelharren, and for sharing about how summer can be a scary time for creators! People out, doing other things, and out of their routines so I’m sure everyone is feeling it to some extent. Hoping things return to normal soon for you <3

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