Just want to briefly rant

I had a patron pledge Sept 30, which allowed around 24 hours of access to a year of patron-exclusive content I was about to archive (i.e. delete). I don’t know if this patron downloaded all the content, but I suspect all was viewed and downloaded.

At the first of October, they were charged for the month’s pledge. All the patron-exclusive content from the past year was deleted around midnight of Sept 30. And, a few days ago, the patron deleted the pledge without answering the exit survey.

So, I just want to rant about that a bit. I have less than 10 total pledges, so having a $9/mo pledge deleted is a dramatic statistic. I do not totally feel bad about the year of content being up for download, but I kinda wish the pledge had stuck around for 3-6 months to more adequately pay me for all that available content.

Anyway, rant over. I make lots of content, and I don’t feel bad about my contribution to the community. I do wish I could see an exit survey on that deleted pledge.

Maybe this is a strange question, but, why would you want to delete old patron-only content? Wouldn’t it be a greater incentive for people to support you knowing that they had access to all those posts/rewards?

I know some have had issues with people pledging, downloading everything that they wanted, and then bailing, but, unless you mention somewhere on your page about how long exclusive content is available before it gets deleted, maybe that’s why they deleted their pledge? I know for me personally it would be a huge turn-off.

Anyway, just curious as I’ve heard of others doing this also.

One way to address this is to remove older content, but make it available to long-term patrons by other means. I’ve done this with my lowest tier which would, if I left all the material up, allow them for $2 to get the equivalent of $200 of material. If they stick around three months, they get access to the archives. I’ve found they tend to stay on at that point. Yes, in theory, I’ve giving them $200 of content for $6, but most of the patrons stay for the new content at that point. Basically, the incentive is to get them to stick around, and see just how much they get for their $2/mo. Some of them convert to $5/mo or $10/mo for even more content.

I’ve chosen to archive content for the two higher tiers once each year to more consistently encourage long-term subscriptions with a more complete collection. It’s probably not well documented in any of my intro or other posts.

However, I do make several clear statements following public polls that older content will be removed as I look toward the future months of content based on poll results.

I’m not able to generate any distinct feedback from this practice yet; it is not mentioned in an exit survey, not mentioned in a comment or such.

But, I have already begun to list archived content for revision and updating in public polls. For example, this year I’ll have four pieces that are revisions of the first-year content. In those posts, I’m uploading the original and the revision for patrons to gain the older version.

As yet, no comments have been made thanking for the double content.

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At the moment, my largest number of patrons are pledged at my highest tier. That’s a solid positive. I’ve been trying to beef up those content pieces as I see the clear majority pledged for those pieces. Last year, the middle tier seemed most popular, so I’d had a commitment to double or triple the content released for that tier; now that pledges have shifted upward, I’ll be planning to return that schedule of productivity back to a single piece each month.

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