Keep YouTube videos from driving viewers away (add ?rel=0 )

I have started to share YouTube videos with my Patrons. I can include the link to the video that gets embedded in Patreon. When the video ends YouTube automatically shows a number of “related videos” from random channels.

One could add ?rel=0 at the end of the video to tell YouTube to show related videos only from the channel of the original video. That’s how I embed my videos on my own web site.

Unfortunately when I try to post a video in Patreon with the ?rel=0 at the end Patreon does not show the thumbnail of the video. It seems it does not recognize the video.

Any idea if Patreon could be convinced to include this tag so when people are done watching one of my videos they will be offered to see other videos of mine or just a static page of my own choice?


Hey @szabgab, I totally hear that you’d want your YouTube videos to show your channel videos on your Patreon – that makes total sense! I’ll surface this to the team. Thanks for your feedback! :slight_smile:


I’ve been doing this for a while, and it works for me. Sometime the thumbnail doesn’t show up at first, but if I save as draft and refresh the page, it’s there.

When I started doing this, I figured out I have to use the YouTube “short” share link, and put the entire link in a text editor first, because Patreon strips out the ?rel=0 if I add it in the input form. So the link looks like this in my text editor:

I just copy/paste from the text editor every time and it works.


Why was your post flagged / hidden?

I was also surprised, and to say the least I was taken aback when I got the notification.
I wrote to @reyna, one of the admins, who was kind enough to review the post and restore it.

@johnkyle This is an excellent suggestion. It works great. Thanks.


@szabgab Gabor, thanks for messaging me about this issue…I"ll see about amending my video link. to inclue ?rel=0

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