Kickstarter integration

I’m currently running a Kickstarter to produce a compendium of my free (and Patreon-funded) content. (When it’s done, I’m returning to Patreon to produce the next volume’s worth of content.) This is going swimmingly, but there’s a gap in the marketing integration that would be really handy.

I would love a better way to tell which of my Patrons had already backed the Kickstarter, and to filter down and message only to those who have not.

There are two missing pieces, one on the Kickstarter side, and one on the Patreon side:

  1. Kickstarter doesn’t let me export email addresses of my backers until after I’ve funded (that’s a feature request for them)

  2. Even if I had that list, there’s no way within Patreon for me to message subsets of my user base in bulk except by tier. (I think… is there?) I think I have to send to tiers, or send to people one at a time.

Example ways to do this might be:

  • Let me tag my patrons, and message by tag
  • Let me send message via Patreon to an uploaded list of email addresses (so long as they’re patrons).
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Thank you for the post, @michaelprescott! You raise an excellent point. This would require both the partnerships and the products team work so I will make sure they see this. I think being able to message a subset of patrons via email address is an excellent idea that could have many uses. Thank you!

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