Lack of customer support?

I’m in urgent need of assistance from patreon, I’ve opened multiple support tickets within the last 2 days, sent loads of emails and tweeted them and heard nothing back.

My patreon was suspended on Wednesday for having nudity in a public post from almost a year ago, so posts I forgot about when the new guidelines came out.

My account got suspended and I was told all I needed to do was remove the posts, which I did instantly, now though my account is still suspended 2 days later & payout day is closing fast.

I rely solely on Patreon as an income and was told if this isn’t sorted by the 1st then I won’t be paid for this month, which I cannot afford to do.

I find it stupid how patreon just goes instant to a suspension rather than messaging me first or even some form of warning system where you have to do the task they said by x date,

Now I’m about to get in a butt ton of debt simply because they wouldn’t message me first or won’t answer me now

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