Large Amount of Fraudulent Accounts Pledge then Delete -- Does this Happen to Anyone Else?

Something keeps happening to me. Fake accounts pledge to me – like someone dredged names up from the internet and created an account with it. But then the pledge is deleted because the account is banned. Sometimes they take longer to ban than other times, but a fraudulent account will never make payment to me.

It causes a large drop in income. I was looking at my profile a few days ago and had like 76 patrons and like $380. I look today, my patron # is closer to 60 and my income is like $60 less! I remember what I saw a few days ago, and it wasn’t this. And according to my notifications page I got $15 in pledges and 4 patrons in August.

What’s with this sudden decline? Does this happen to anyone else?

Hi @joyce, this could be many different issues so I’d recommend writing into the support team so they can look into each of the pledges to work out what happened. So sorry for the frustration and that I can’t be more help right now.

This is the reason I switched to immediate billing for my pledges. It has eliminated any problems with people getting benefits without paying.