Last Getting Started workshop of 2018 with an extra section for Adult Content Creators

Hey folks!

We’re adding one more Getting Started workshop before the end of the year. This workshop is focused on those who haven’t launched yet, or early in setting up their Patreon program.

We’ve had a number of questions from adult content creators thinking about starting their Patreon and will take a few minutes at the start of the workshop to go over the Patreon content policy and cover some frequently asked questions that we think would be helpful to provide some clarity.

Since we know we won’t be able to cover all the questions, we are going to have a follow up session in January with a representative from our policy team. The rest of the workshop will focus on all the things creators need to know to launch.

Would you be willing to share this with adult creators you think might be interested?

This is the first but not the last. We look forward to adding more content for 18+ creators to provide best practices around building out a membership program and to get set for a successful launch. In the meantime, all creators are invited to join our workshops sessions at: