Launch Check In - How's it Going?

Hey guys!
I started this thread because I’m in the throes of launching my special offer this morning, and I’m wondering how it’s going for you guys? Have you done it yet? How’s it feeling? Are you still working on it? Anything you’re stuck on? Anything you’re wondering about?

Here’s my check in:

  • I didn’t like the way my banner looked once I had it in place (too busy), so I made a new one.

  • My page is edited - banner is in place, special offer is added. You can check it out if you want at

  • Up next I’m writing my public Patreon post, newsletter and Facebook posts. I had hoped to do all that in advance but I ended up spending last night making banners so here we are. I’m a little torn about whether my newsletter message should be Patreon-specific, or cover more topics and include the Special Offer (typically I’d say make it specific, but my last newsletter message was all about Patreon, because I gave away a download of my catalog on my birthday…)

Ok, that’s where I’m at in the process right now.
Hope it’s going well for you guys! I feel super behind, but it’s all going to get done by 9:00 as CST somehow, someway. I’m planning a Facebook live announcement at 9 am, then at 9:15 a friend is coming to pick me up to go shoot a music video, which is why I’m up early doing all of this right now :joy:

Good luck to you all! If yours is up and running, reply with a link below! I’d love to see your pages and cheer you on!


Update: Public Patreon post is written, check it out here if you want :slight_smile:

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Launched! Facebook and my mailing list so far, oh and a public patreon post:

I also feel way behind on everything, but moving forward as I can!


Wow! These look great. Wonderful job Rebecca and Michael!



Thanks for starting this thread @rebecca! You beat me to it! Your launch looks awesome, and I’m so stoked that you’ve taken such strong initiative.


I have 3 new patrons in the first few hours! Feeling very honored and excited about that.

It really assists me to come here and feel so supported. Thank you all for your contributions. Two questions…

  1. The only concern I have when I do a campaign like this is annoying my facebook friends with my daily campaign reminders. I’m going all in and will do it anyway! But I’d love anyone’s take or experience with this.

  2. I have scheduled one new post every morning on my social media. Would you suggest more than one per day? Would it be a good idea to do an evening one as well?

Thanks everyone! Excited for us all!


Looks fantastic! I like your new banner very much @rebecca, and @michaelharren your intro post reads very nicely. Congrats @themillionkisses on three new patrons already! I would think that one post a day on social media is plenty - multiple ones a day might cause people to tune out.

I’m working on mine – had one of those “life happens” events when my parent’s home was evacuated due to wildfires and we ended up traveling to another state to help out this last week. So I’m running behind. But working on it now and hoping to announce the special offer incentive today!


Congrats @themillionkisses! That’s exciting news! Happy to hear you’re going ahead and promoting anyway - I think that since this is a limited-time campaign and you want to build a ton of excitement, plenty of promotion is key. I would continue to post other content throughout the week as well to balance the feed a bit. :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! I got my page updated with the special offer:

I’m going to write a post for my existing patrons today and then kick off promotion with some videos and posts tomorrow.


Hi all

I’ve updated my Patreon page, and have a public post about my special offer and other Patreon-exclusive content coming next month -

I’ve also done a blog post

So far I have one new $10 Patron (whuh!) and several of my regulars have upgraded to the $3 level to get the special offer. I’m working on cueing up 2 weeks of tweets right now, then Instagram.

I’ve found in the last year or so that Facebook is less and less useful for any promotional stuff at all, so I’ve done one boosted (paid) post to my page which also cross-promos on Instagram, and I’m not putting a lot of other energy into it compared to other social media. I might do a few more chatty posts.

Those of you worried about boring/annoying your social media followers? For a start they will see at most a quarter of what you post. Also, if you feel weird about it, just try to post a couple of non promo things in between each promo update – and I find it’s easier to get past a lot of unnecessary promo guilt if you also retweet & promote the work of your friends in between your own.



Hi Folks. Thanks for sharing your Banner and process Rebecca!

Here is my banner.

(I DO live Canva)

I wrote a Patrons-Only Post last Friday:

I followed up with a Message to Patrons about this Campaign on Friday.

Here is my getting ready for my launch FB Post yesterday (Sunday):
In answer to the FB default Q: What is on your mind? I Answered: My Special Offer Patron-Only Launch on Tuesday. (I used a Rocket Launch GIF)

I set up a 20 min Patrons-Only Q&A LiveStream for this evening (Monday), ahead of the launch.

The rest of today is putting together the launch emails (to different lists), blogposts, instagram post, FB posts (to my profile and my page) and my PATREON POST scheduled for Tomorrow at 7:45 am my time (many of my patrons are in other timezones).

I have a LiveStream set up for the actual Launch tomorrow morning as well.

Then on to the other parts of the calendar: 10 days left, 7 More Days, 2 Days, 1 Day to go, TODAY, 6 more hours…

What are you all doing?

Steve Eulberg


Great suggestion about layering the kinds of posts on a platform!


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Great Banner! Steve

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I launched with a new logo for my podcast, as announced in this post:

So far, so good. I will be plugging it in all of my podcasts I release during this 2 week period.


Looks so good!!
In some ways having all the prep materials makes me feel more prepared but in other ways it makes me feel behind because I can physically SEE all the stuff I haven’t gotten to yet :joy:

Oh hooray! That’s so great.
When I launched my Patreon page, I followed the Nataly Dawn re-launch blog pretty much to the letter, and she recommended one post per day per channel. It feels like A LOT. But she said that pretty much no one sees everything you post. No one else thinks about what you post as much as you do (even your mom). So it doesn’t seem like that much to anyone but you.

That’s what I’m aiming to follow this time. We’ll see :slight_smile:

Good luck!!!


Ah, my pleasure! I had to get up at 6 am in order to get everything done this morning before my day started… I had a little schedule written out that looked like:
6 am tea
6:10 post public patreon
6:30 write newsletter
etc, culminating with FB live announcement at 9 am and then I had to scoot out the door.

Right around 6:45 am I started feeling totally overwhelmed and alone in my mission, so I thought I’d post here just to check in and see how everyone else was doing. It’s been so nice to see the responses throughout the day! I’m so proud of everyone.

On my end, I’ve been really amazed at how well my launch day went - I got 10 new patrons and 11 folks increased their pledges!! I’m so glad I switched my incentive, the enamel pin seems to be working like a charm. And it’s something I’m really excited to give people :slight_smile:

I’m also really excited that I changed my banner. Both the incentive and the banner switch were inspired by forum posts, so YAY FORUM!

Thanks for all of your help so far Laura, you’ve been great. I’m so excited to see how the rest of this goes!


I have a question, I’m offering my gift to certain existing patrons, and if they didn’t initially share a shipping address when they signed up, is there a way for them to share it with me now?

I am having a low moment. no new patrons since my launch. obviously everyone hates me. hahaha

i was occupied with some other stuff on my socials yesterday too, so I fear my launch got buried. Gonna hit it hard today!