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Hi! As an adult, my artwork covers many kinds of depictions of the human body and sexuality. Artists worldwide are interfered with by the religious. In a developing climate, it might be a good idea for all platforms to offer creatives the choice of asking the religious to opt out, in a manner that would function like asking the age of the viewer. Just a suggestion for future discussions.

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That sounds like applying a discriminatory gate, one that you are trying to break down with adult creative content. I don’t like the idea one bit.

If your material is tagged as ‘adult’, then those who do no wish to view adult material have fair warning not to view it.

And the inference that all religious people object to ‘adult’ material is incorrect.


Excellent. However - the attitudes that despise human sexuality and nudity ARE religious, by definition. It’s “written into the charters” of religion.

I don’t do any more of these subjects than are necessary to a story, but creatives who do, around the world, are beginning to protest and question why religious standards are applied across the board in laws and to imagery.

Large POD corporations have caused friction with some of my fellow creatives, who only want to sell to their own interested audiences.

This is really just a heads-up, to let you in on something that is going into discussion on social media platforms.

Patreon has always been ahead of the curve, in serving creatives and their audiences.

Now you know.

Donna Barr

Prudishness is a common theme amongst Communist regimes, so unless you’re prepared to say that the CPSU and CCP were/are religious organizations, I don’t think your argument works.

And it is not true that all religions are prudish, nor that all of them suppress sexuality. Some are, most notably modern Islam and the Calvinist/Evangelical/Fundamentalist brand of Christianity. But even there, it’s not uniform.

This has been something I’ve been addressing in my writing for quite some time.

Should we use bad behavior by any regime to apologize for such behavior by any other groups?

Bolshevism isn’t a religion; it’s an economic viewpoint.

Whether or not any particular religion officially attacks creatives, its followers attack creatives daily on all platforms. Creatives are beginning to fight back. All platforms should be aware.

(Thanks got taking the time to answer me so thoughtfully; I would expect nothing less of Patreon.)

Donna Barr

First, I don’t work for Patreon.

Anyway, my point was you said that religion is the problem. It’s not. Prudishness is the problem, no matter what the source. I didn’t say that the CPSU or CCP were religions, quite the opposite.

Your broadsides against religion are inaccurate. Censorship and prudishness have many sources, not just religion.

All prudishness comes from religion. It’s not natural to any species.

You’re just answering from the forum?

Together, we need to make it so creatives can publish what harmless things they like without repression.


Simply not true. But your prejudice against religion means I’ll never convince you.

Repression comes from many sources, not just religion.

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