Lens comments rarely work

I like using Lens, but almost every single time I get comments on a Lens post, I can’t view them. It’ll say “3 comments” or something and then when I tap on it, it says “No comments yet.” Sometimes posting more Lenses fixes it, or just coming back later, but sometimes it does that until the Lens post expires, in which case I’ve had Patron comments (maybe questions!) that I just never got to see.

It’s happening to me right now, in fact. Here are some screenshots:

It would be GREAT if this could be fixed, obviously, and secondarily it would also be great to be able to access Lens on a desktop browser, because then at least I’d be able to check in a secondary place if the first place is somehow not working.

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Just wanted to share an update. It happened again and this time I missed five comments — no idea what they said, who sent them, or if they included any questions. I sent in a support ticket and was basically told that Lens is broken and they are in the process of completely overhauling the feature “this year.”

While I’m glad this is being worked on, I personally feel that comments on Lens posts should be disabled until this feature is fixed (and said so in response to my support ticket.) To me, it feels dishonest to allow my Patrons to leave comments when there is no guarantee I will be able to see them. I will likely stop using Lens until the feature is fixed.


I’ve been dealing with this exact same issue for months! It’s incredibly frustrating for all the reasons you gave, missing comments/questions and feeling a disconnect with our patrons when they are paying us to be able to communicate with us. I agree that they should disable comments until the issue is fixed. I’d hate for anyone to think we are ignoring them or something, ya know?

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One more update! I discovered that Patrons can view the comments even when I can’t, so my workaround right now is to check Lens comments on my partner’s or mom’s Patreon account. Of course this is not helpful if you don’t have easy access to someone who pledges to your Patreon, but this is the ONLY workaround I’ve been able to find!