Lens. Emails. They shouldn't come close to one another

I just heard from one of my Patrons that EVERY TIME I post on Lens, they get an email with a link to download the Patreon app. No!! This should not be like this!


Have not heard this from my patrons, but I use lens all the time - is this true? That would be enough to make some people bail…

There’s some logic built in around this so people shouldn’t be getting bombarded, but we’re hearing this from a few creators, so wondering if something broke. Sharing this with the mobile team!


Is there an update on this and the email notifications?

I’ve been doing more lenses and this has stirred up some complaints about the number of emails and notifications my patrons are getting. I’ve even lost a few lower level patrons frustrated by all the emails. I send patrons the help article on changing email preferences BUT they want to stay up to date but not by getting an email every time I post or do a lens.

Is a solution in the works?

Got an update from the product team!

We made a change about a week ago so that patrons should only receive at a maximum 1 Lens Email per day (they can disable this if they wish in email settings and receive no Lens emails). If you’re seeing something different recently (in the past week) let us know because it could be a bug


Thanks for the update Carla!!

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