Lens Only on Mobile App?

One of my Creators posted a Lens today and I couldn’t find it on the website portal–I had to go to the app to see it. Is it hidden somewhere else on the website? Or is it an app-only feature? Because if it’s the latter, that’s… not something I can ever use, given how many of my users don’t use the app, or have abandoned it after you went to the “have to click on every single creator separately to see their updates” version.

(I abandoned the app after that too. It’s unusable now if you support more than one or two people.)

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As far as I understood the blog post it’s an app only feature, which is also why I’ll keep my hands off it. I don’t use the app myself since it’s buggy as hell for me for some reason and also keeps logging me out on a whim, and I know most of my Patrons rarely visit the web page, let alone use the app.

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Correct, at the moment this is only in the app.

@johnny, for visibility!

So… can I say at this point that I’ve gotten reports from several of my patrons that they’ve stopped using the app after the latest revision? I did too. The ‘click on each creator for updates’ thing made it unusable.

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I second this. While i haven’t left the app, it’s functionality is rather difficult these days.

  1. Seconding @haikujaguar 's statement.

  2. You cannot scroll back farther than so many posts and if you missed posts, it will FOREVER tell you that you have unread posts on that persons feed. (And viewing them on a browser does not help with this either.)

  3. On my device, i can look at about 4-5 artists’ pages to check updates before the whole thing CRASHES. Pretty much without fail every time i try to use it.

The only reason i keep it around is to be able to post works/updates and check messages when i’m away from a non-phone device.


Yeah, I admit I’m not really enthused about adding more app-only features when the app itself is becoming less used by my patrons. :confused:

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