Let Patrons choose which posted creations they want

For those who get paid per creation, it would be great to allow patrons with capped pledges to choose from the items released from the previous month.

In practice, let’s say you released 10 songs last month.
Some patrons capped their reward at 5 songs.

I have 2 options.

  1. Manually go through and correspond with each patron to give them their choice of songs.
  2. They only receive the first 5 songs.

I would much rather be able to offer links for them to choose from and let them choose their 5 favorites (without being able to select all 10).

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If you’re per creation, no matter what a patron pledges, or what their cap is, if you mark the post as paid, all patrons see it. So, a $1 patron with a $1 cap sees the same paid posts as a $10 patron with a $100 cap.

Hmmm if I understand your post correctly, that’s not true. I pledge $1 to a per-creation creator and I can’t see any of her posts for higher tiers. I don’t have a cap because she doesn’t post so often, but her timeline is full of posts I have no access to.

Thanks so much for this feedback! I had a meeting with the product team so I was able to bring it up directly with them and it echoes a theme that creators want more control over their rewards.

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Thank you so much for replying. It may seem small but it lets us know we’re heard.

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Paid creations cannot be limited to certain tiers. It’s all patrons, or none, who are charged. The posts you can’t see are those that are limited to certain tiers. In a per creation campaign, those cannot be paid posts.

I think I see, you mean, when they post a paid post, every patron gets charged differently for the same post? Ookay.

To clarify how this affects my Patreon project:

I post previews of my completed thing as a paid post.
After pledges clear the next month, I send out the full thing to everybody who supported it.
This does two things:

I don’t have to worry about people pledging, grabbing, then dropping.
It rewards patrons for having a higher pledge maximum.

If Patreon gave patrons a number of download links equal to their number of pledges, that would be awesome and handle patron scammers AND reduce creator workload. In fact, it would be awesome if patrons could carry balances over to the next month in case they wanted a higher tier reward without overloading their budget.

i have a feeling my patrons would take advantage of this. sadly i know some of my patrons are reward focused.