Let us share your art! #FortheArts

Hey creators,

Art funding in America is under threat and it’s become more urgant than ever for us to share our art and why it matters with the world.

We’re excited to launch People For the Arts, an ongoing conversation meant to highlight how important art is in our society.

I’d love for you to be some of the first creators to contribute to our rotating gallery, where we’ll feature artists who have something to say on the subject of:

What does it mean to be an American?
How does art encourage democracy?
What is the value of free speech?

To share your art, post it publicly where you normally would (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your Patreon page, etc.) with the hashtag #ForTheArts and we’ll scour the internet for your work.

Let me know if you have any questions and thanks ahead of time for sharing your amazing perspective!

-Ellie from Patreon

P.S. You do not need to be from the United States to participate; would love to see international creators contributing too. :slight_smile:


Show Some Shame is a freedom of speech original song about those who control corporate media as well as how we perceive those who control our thoughts and actions through the use of fear.
Sound the alarms someone’s been harmed and filled up with fear.
Turn on the tube and turn to the news the media isn’t clear
Funded by our reaction, fear is their distraction for a higher agenda
So we don’t switch the station and keep our thought on the nation, so our bodies we’ll surly surrender.
Don’t you know that we are wide awake
And we will shout out loud we can no longer take all your pressure and all your pride of pain, won’t you show us a little more shame!

Break from the mold of that do what your told mentality.
We can start from the grass-roots with games of ladders and shoots, imagine and believe.
When we focus on finding that their blaming is blinding and fill us with greed,
We can switch that station and our bodies, nation, and souls will be set free

Is there a FB page for this? Also, is there a button on the site to share to social media? I looked for one and didn’t find it.

Hey @Lochy! No facebook page and I don’t believe we currently have plans for creating one. Good call on the social media buttons! I let the team know–we should definitely have those. :slight_smile: That said, if you go into the email we sent ya about the campaign, I do believe there are share buttons in there.

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