Limited Slots for Tiers Should Take "0" As a Value

Hi, so, this might be really trivial but some confusions that I just experienced today with my own campaign kind of made it apparent for me that I really would like this, and I don’t think this being there presents any disadvantages to anyone else, so, here it goes.

I have commission tiers in my campaign (CUF, Monthly). The way I do it is that people fill in the tier, they get an equivalent amount of points in return, which they can spend for a piece drawn by me.They can rack up more points for every month they’re on if they don’t immediately suggest a piece, or use the leftovers later, etc. Due to the high interest I get (yet really, really low amount of time I end up having), I offer a really low amount of slots. Not only that, but after some months, I basically force people to be out of those tiers for others to come in instead.

Here’s the kicker, when I want to have such people out of my tiers, they have to do it close to the end of the month, or else they get charged again and need to be refunded, which is always bad because of how long a refund takes. So there is this one day -or less- of discrepancy where a slot is empty but it’s not a new month yet. If someone fills in that slot THEN, that means they get billed for that cost, but in a couple hours or something, due to the new month rolling in, they will get charged again.

And it’s one of those times where someone actually, without any consulting, thinking they’re taking advantage of this, filled that slot BEFORE the new month rolls around. This happened twice today - I really feel like I underestimated my own fanbase with their enthusiasm here. I need to refund, I don’t want them to be double-charged like this, I don’t want to come off duplicitous, I can’t afford any schedule for giving that many commission points to people for one month etc…

So I thought it would be really good if… Patreon let me to enter a “0” the “Limit the amount of Patrons” space, during the time I don’t want any new patrons. I know I can “Unpublish” tiers, but I want them to not have any confusion regarding my tier still being there or not.

I know theoretically it probably didn’t make any sense for the developers but practically, I think it would really really benefit me. That or a way to just temporarily lock a tier. I know this might come off too specific or perhaps the issue sounds too arbitrary (essentially wanting to make a Tier that I want nobody to be able to enter) but I feel like the limitation placed by the developers is arbitrary in its own manner, and I don’t think it’s unreasonable to not want it there.

Thanks and happy holidays.


+1 - would like this too!

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This makes complete sense! Thank you so much for this feature suggestion - I’m sure a lot of fellow artists who do commissions have faced similar complications. I will bring it up to the product team in our bi-weekly feedback session.