Limited slots: processed pledges vs active patrons


Request: For physical reward tiers with limited slots, let creators choose whether to count paid pledges versus active patrons.

I’m a monthly creator, with charge upfront & currently 1 physical reward tier. My physical reward tier is capped at 24 slots because the manufacturers where I have my merch produced have minimum order quantities of 25 pieces or fixed order amounts at 25pc increments. If 26 patrons pledge to this tier, I have to order 50 pieces, and since some are supposed to be patron-exclusive I cannot simply list the leftovers in my store…

I’ve had multiple physical reward tiers for the past 3 years and I always manually adjust the number of slots for each tier throughout the month, to make sure it does not exceed the amounts I am able to produce.

When someone drops a limited slot tier, their slot becomes available again. Sometimes I notice it too late, and the slot gets filled before I’m able to edit the tier (lower the slots so that it remains “sold out”).

It’s quite inconvenient, because:

  1. I have to keep track & be quick to update the slots. We don’t receive notifications of patrons who cancel their pledges, so I have check at least daily…
  2. I have to increase the slots again on the 1st of the new month = extra work & another thing to remember…
  3. I cannot promote or fill these “open” slots ahead of the new month, not the biggest problem… but if patrons could reserve a slot that would be really great

The easiest way would be to just have an option for this tier to count processed pledges and remain sold out till the 1st of the new month. Perhaps it could show Patrons how many slots will become available and give existing patrons the option to reserve a slot for next month as a nice little perk. Maybe even add a pop up on check-out asking the patron if they wish to pledge to the current month without physical reward.

Hope this isn’t too much to ask, it would be a huge QoL improvement for me personally. I’m sure there are more who would like this option :slight_smile: thanks for reading.

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I definitely agree. This is one of the really big reasons why i cant use charge upfront. I absolutely cannot have a wishy washy tier like this where i can’t set the monthly cap and have it -stay- at that monthly cap. Otherwise it will fill up with more than
i can accomplish during the month. (weather it be commissions, merch, or anything else that is highly time consuming or limited.)

This really needs to be fixed. :slightly_frowning_face:

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