Link formatting bug in creator posts

Something has changed recently in the link formatting of posts - when adding a link, the “suggestion” of “http://” does not disappear when I copy/paste a link into the bar, so the links end up reading like this: “http://”, and thus, don’t work. If I was paying close attention I would be careful to delete the initial “http://” but I missed the first few, and just saw the same problem with broken links in a new post from another creator. Typically I believe the initial “http://” is deleted when one copy/pastes into the bar.

this has been around a few months now!

Yeah it’s been around a while.

However they were trying to improve it a little bit ago but the update that had it dissapear would completely break the site when you tried to add a link. They reversed what they had done so I’d assume they are fixing it.

Hey @carsieblanton, thanks for the post! However bugs are best reported directly to our Support team as this forum is for creator connection and sharing resources. You can report any bugs or issues here:

Thank you so much!

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