Link to our Patreon page from our community profile

Unless there are reasons that haven’t come up I figure it would make sense for a creator’s page to be linked in their profile. I’ve clicked on a few thinking I’d find it somehow somewhere.


@aaronmiller you’re reading my mind! I really want this and I know Discourse can do it but it requires a bit of engineering work. I’m getting it prioritized in Q4 to make it easier to work out who you’re talking to :slight_smile:


Awesome. It’s small but I get might not be so on the engineering side. Raise a glass to those fine folks for me.


Not sure if it’s possible, but maybe add a signature in the meantime? Haven’t tried this so might not work at all :man_shrugging:

Like @natemaingard, I’ve just put the link to my Patreon page in the “Website” field in my profile. You’d think that’d be an obvious place, but it seems very few people are doing this. :frowning: