Link to the locked post, or my main page?

Has anyone experienced a significant difference in conversion linking to a patreon locked post vs your patreon main page? Whenever I link from a public social platform I typically link directly to the locked post in hope of getting a new patron, but wondering if I should be considering linking to my main page instead.

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I am curious about this too. I have my Patreon “posts” page as a link in my instagram bio, and I’ll usually post cover art and/or a snippet of my new project and say “link in bio.” (Since IG doesn’t have clickable links other than the bio) At that point, the post is right there at the top for them to click on.

For all other social platforms I link straight to my posts.

My thinking is that I want to make it as convenient and enticing as possible for people to get to the post… those are the most painless ways I’ve found.

Curious if anyone has other/better methods. Specifically, is there a better way of linking from Instagram? Maybe using stories or something?

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Hey @iamthesam and @lutzbone, thanks for making this post! It’s a great question.

Main pages tend to have higher conversion, though it does differs based on the post and the title. For example, a really catchy “New exclusive song!” title can result in really high post-page conversion.

Based on the data, we usually recommend that creators link to your main page unless you’re teasing a specific benefit/tier on social media. For example, if you have an instagram post that’s 1 of 5 images that you’re releasing in an exclusive gallery or something, then we recommend you link directly to the post.

I’m tagging in @maura, our Head of Data Science, to share some more scientific data around this :slight_smile:


It really depends on how you’re marketing the specific post. In my case, directly linking to full, complete, or spicy continuations of content I post publicly does extremely well. You have to create that incentive to click the link. In a user’s mind they might just see your Patreon link, recognize it as run of the mill “come support me” stuff and just pass over it. If you create value and incentive, “see/hear/experience more on Patreon!” and you’re specifically doing more of the thing you just shared, direct links are incredibly effective!

If you’re just linking to your post feed, I think that’s not all that effective. Though people are complaining about the way the landing page looks, there’s hard data that says it gets you more money. You want the most control you can get when it comes to guiding that window shopping experience, and a general post feed doesn’t do you many favors.

Linking to specific posts with a purpose, and linking to your page in general should do the trick.

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Hey! Thanks @mindy for tagging me in to this. Maura here - I work on data science things at Patreon and we’ve studied the conversion of these two pages very closely.

For acquiring new patrons, what we see is that, on average, linking to the main page (your creator page) converts roughly twice as well as linking to a post page. That’s a pretty big difference, and why I generally recommend when chatting with creators that if you have one link to use, send fans to your main page. Creator page conversion ranges from 0.5% to 5% depending on the quality of traffic you send to the page, so feel free to use that as a general baseline. The challenge is that - as @YuuriVoice mentioned - it can vary a lot depending on the way you’re linking and what kind of post you’re linking from. Mindy’s note above about how very compelling patron-only posts (which show up to non-patrons as “locked/blurred” posts) can convert extremely well is something we’ve seen in the data, especially if the post has an exciting title.

Overall, think about if you’re promoting a specific tier or benefit (where it might make more sense to link to a post page) or if you’re marketing to a broader audience that might want to learn a bit more about you and why you’re using Patreon (where it might make sense to link to your main page).