Link to this forum from Patreon?

I just joined today! (Don’t worry, I searched around to see if this question has been asked.) I was about to go do something else, and figured before closing this tab I’d find the link to this community from so I can return easily (since I often have Patreon open). I couldn’t find one anywhere. Am I just not seeing it, or is it nonexistent? Maybe it could be up in that top menu next to Help Center? I bet a lot more creators would join the forum too, if it were visible somewhere. Thank you!

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There isn’t one, we’re a secret society :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey there! Thanks for the suggestion — currently the forum is invite only to ensure that things discussed here amongst creators can remain private from their patrons. We invite creators when they reach a certain milestone (time, patronage, activity, etc) but I’m reviewing how this process works as I would love to open this up to lots more creators who would find it useful. I’m definitely open to hearing suggestions, like yours, about what this process could look like :slight_smile:

if you know of any creators who might like to join, you can link them here or they can fill out this form.

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Ah ok, thanks for the explanation, @mindy! I was definitely thinking it would be for creators only – my placement suggestion is based on not knowing how Patreon looks different to patrons vs. creators. :slight_smile: I do think it would be an excellent resource for new creators though – I had so many questions when I first started that weren’t answered by the help page. Although I’m sure people posting over and over about the same topics would be annoying. Maybe if you strongly emphasize searching for your topic first!

Having a link from our Patreon dashboard (or someplace creator-only) would also probably add to the community aspect of the forum by just being an easy reminder for creators to check in and see what’s going on in here.

Thank you!

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Thanks! I’d love to hear what some of the questions you had when you first started (especially in that 1-3 month range) as it’s something we’re currently focusing on improving :smiley: