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I’m not sure if anyone else shares the sentiment or if I’m alone, but personally, I would love the possibility of folders to group posts of different types in or a way to link certain posts to each other for a more fluid transition.

I’m a creative writer here, so I primarily post weekly chapter updates to Patreon as most of my stories are long and get released in increments. At the moment, the only way I have for my readers to find all the posts for one story is to make a tag of the story’s title and add it to every post for that story. But this means that I can’t utilize other legitimate tags on my Patreon for what the content is about or the story titles get lost in the long list of tags, especially when a story is just starting up and only has a few chapters, because only the tags with the most posts get shown on the home page.

I would love the ability to create a folder for each of my stories so that all my chapters for each one are clustered in one easy spot, or to link posts together within themselves so that my readers can have a link to the next chapter or just click a ‘next’ button and automatically be transferred to the next part. I feel that new readers coming to my stories later in the game are particularly hindered because the first posts are buried so far down in the blog-scroll style of Patreon that they’re almost impossible to find. I really want to continue to grow my Patreon, but this is one of the biggest things my readers complain about, that they would rather remain on my free platforms and miss out on additional benefits because it’s too difficult/unpleasant to read on Patreon.

I think this platform is wonderful for creators and streamlines a way for us to make a little money off of what we do. Unfortunately, if what you do is write stories, there’s just not enough tools or options available to you at the moment to make Patreon viable for anything other than someone choosing to gift a dollar or two to support you now and again without actually using the services. I want to grow and develop my page, but unfortunately, I think writers here need a little help.

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@FantasyOcean Your best bet right now is to create an “index” on your own site to make it easy for your patrons to find the chapters in order, etc. I know that’s not ideal, but if you Google “Brian Keene Patreon Index” and go to his website, you can see an example of what one author has done.

Good luck with your work!