List and manage all posts with a given patron level

Every year I do a patron drive in October and I want to be able to temporarily unlock all my patron-only content so potential patrons can see what they’d be getting. Is there a way to do that in bulk? I don’t even see a way to list all my patron-only posts, let alone make changes to them all at once.

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Hi @storyhospital, thanks for raising this question :slight_smile:

lt’s possible to see all of your patron only content via the filter in the left column of the creator page (screenshot below). However, we don’t have bulk editing tools to change the audience for a bunch of posts at this time.


This is a great idea! I passed it onto the product team, as it would be great for certain content types to show value, like when HBO and Blizzard games do their annual “free weekend” where you get access to their entire catalog for free.

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