Live in or near one of these six cities? We're getting ready to go on tour to connect with creators & share some ways you can best run your Patreon

Same here. I’m about 4 hours from Austin, so I would have to plan an overnight trip and can only do that during certain times. Should I go ahead and fill out the form even if there is only a 50/50 chance I can attend?

stoked! i’m in SF, so, I’ll be there! please let me know if you need anything (e.g. any help, etc…)!

Wish I could! Any plans for your UK Creators at some point?

@Lochy The Austin date is Feb 22nd and will be at the Hotel Van Zandt from 4 - 8pm. Those invites should be going out soon. I know that’s a weekday and may be tight, so let me know if this works.

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@8bit Awesome! Did you RSVP already? If not, I’ll send you the reg form directly. I look forward to meeting you in person.

@Jack Not yet, but if these events go well and creators find real value in them, it’s definitely something we want to do. That said, if there are events in the UK you’re attending, please let us know in this thread: What events/conferences are you excited about in 2018? - we are including international events so we can track them for this year and next!

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Hoping to attend in LA - any dates? I filled out the reg form.

Yes! It’ll be Feb 20th, invites to come!

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You know, there is a project on Patreon called Horizon that could much more efficiently help you find creators by location than a Google doc :slight_smile:
Added bonus that creators could find each other in cities you’re not visiting and spend time in person. The strongest community building tool that exists…

I look forward to the Seattle event!

Definitely, there’s a couple reasons for this thread:

We will invite people that we’ve identified internally, but sometimes people ignore bulk messages :wink: This way I can make certain people will get a personalized 1:1 message.

While we can pull people in a specific area, often times people are willing to drive/fly to attend an event that’s close enough - this way I can make certain people in this community get the chance to raise their hand. You can see that in the conversation above!

But I will also check out Horizon!

And see you in Seattle!

Actually, a weekday is best for me. I own a shop that’s open on the weekends, so I won’t have to close and being in the afternoon should give me plenty of time for the drive. I am tentatively planning on being there. :smiley:
Thanks for the reply, @carla!


Given that these are all US based, are you going to live stream anything for international creators to be part of?

We are definitely thinking about doing this! I do know for some more up to the moment info, we’ll be doing some Hang Times with Jack in the next few weeks. More info to come.

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I’m a photographer based in Indiana, but travel to and thru Chicago lots for photo ops! Do you know when/where you’re planning this to be? Would love to hear more!

@trevor.mahlmann Hi! We are planning our Chicago event for Tuesday March 6th. More details as invites get ready, but if you think you’ll be there, let me know in the google doc above – otherwise we’ll only bit hitting up locals. Hope you can make it!

Tuesday March 6th is open! I submitted a response on the Google Form!

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And the southeast is completely ignored :frowning:

@jbernal Those are just the cities for this quarter. If we get really good feedback from creators and everyone finds this helpful, we’ll be doing more. Based on San Francisco this weekend, where people requested a mid-year part 2, I’d say a lot of folks are craving this sort of community and education. Additionally, we’re looking at ways of just doing meetups too, possibly with local creator hosts. Stay tuned as we work through our plans!


Still no NYC date, though?

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NYC will be March 8th!

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