Live Workshop: How to Grow from Hobby to Business

Join our creator workshop with Drew Ackerman! Long before Sleep with Me Podcast was featured in the NY Times, Drew made a plan. In this livestream workshop on Oct. 15th, he’ll share tools you can use on your own journey to become a working artist. Register here.

Drew’s going to share some of the steps he made slowing building a strange experimental podcast into a business. He’ll talk about things he learned and mistakes he made taking his show, Sleep with Me, from something he was making as a creative outlet to a part-time and then full-time project. Ideally, this workshop will give you some actionable tools you can utilize on your own journey towards becoming a working artist. While he will focus on personal experience as a podcaster, he hopes that a lot of what is shared will be useful to any artist. Bring your questions!

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Thanks Mindy! Any podcasters out there have a favorite resource, like good newsletters, podcasts or blogs about podcast feel free to share so I can try and add them to my list. Non-podcast resources are welcome too!!!

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Reminder: this is today! Hope you can join :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for attending the livestream with Drew Ackerman (or watching the recorded session). We hope the info was valuable, and really appreciated everyone’s participation and great questions! Here are the slides that Drew used to guide his presentation. You can watch the replay of the talk at any point at the same link you used to register:

Here’s that slideshow:

Thanks again, and hope to see you again in a future livestream session! You can find new workshops as well as a ton of great recorded content on

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