Live Workshops with Patreon

To say thank you for being a part of our community, we’re trying something new to help you grow your business. Starting this month, we’re offering weekly live-streamed classes to help you earn more, engage your fans, and achieve your goals on Patreon. The end of the year is a great time to reflect on your career and set intentions for 2019 and we really hope you find these workshops useful.

Each of the workshops will be hosted by Patreon’s Creator Success team (hello @laurab @CassidyC and @apuig!) and will last about 30-45 minutes. We have 3 workshops aimed at creators who are yet to launch (perfect to send to a friend who has been considering Patreon) and 6 advanced workshops for existing creators, including topics like re-engaging lost patrons and how to refresh your tiers.

See the workshops and sign up here:

Don’t see a workshop that you’re interested in? Send your requests to


This is great! Signed up to a few :slight_smile:


Yay so happy to hear that! thanks for signing up @Temrin :slight_smile:

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I’m always excited for the opportunity to learn and grow. :slight_smile:

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Yay! This is awesome! I signed up! I also sent the link to a friend of mine who makes amazing sculptures who’s been shy about making her Patreon live. fingers crossed

Are they interactive or have room/time for specific questions at the end? Or more of a note taking sort of workshop?


We encourage you to share your input and questions throughout the session! If they run out of time, you can post any remaining questions in the forum and we’ll get them answered :slight_smile:

Just signed up, Theses work shops look great


Thanks to everyone who’s been joining the workshops so far!

There’s one today at 12pm PST on re-engaging lost patrons where you’ll learn how to build a strategy to bring your old patrons back onboard. You can also watch all the livestreams on your own time if you’re unable to join live.

Find all the info here:

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These look great!


Yes! Thank you so much! :clap:

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The fun is only just getting started! Keep checking to see the workshops we’re offering in January and beyond, including…

  1. Platform Integrations: How Zapier can save you a ton of time
  2. How to find Legal Resources as a Creator
  3. Setting the lowest tier to $1 or higher
  4. Patreon for Live Events

New to Patreon, but I love the idea of live events. :clap::revolving_hearts:

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I’ve been watching these after because normally I’m busy or unavailable at the time and, I’m kind of embarrassed to say, but live stuff makes me anxious. Anyway, these are amazing! I’ve gotten so many ideas and I’m pretty sure some of it has already started paying off. Thank you for doing these and for making them available to watch after the Livestream. :purple_heart:

PS: And thank you for doing some specifically for NSFW/adult creators too. Things are a bit different for us and it’s nice to see that being recognized.

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Hi @dekilah! So happy to hear you’ve been watching them after! If you ever want to send a question in, you can actually add it to the “Ask a Question” section beforehand, then I’ll answer live, and you can watch the recording. :slight_smile:
That way, you can still get any questions answered! Also happy to hear that the Adult creator livestreams have landed well. We really want them to provide a safer space where y’all can talk more in detail about the specific concerns the community has!