Locked posts have wrong message on them

Our campaign is per creation, not per month, but I just noticed that our locked posts say that you can unlock the post if you “pledge $X per month”. That should say, “per creation” (per podcast, in our case).

Ooo thanks for letting me know, @FutilityCloset! I’ve created a bug report and passed it onto the team.

Thanks, Mindy! :slight_smile:

We were unable to reproduce it on our end - could you please send me a screenshot and tell me the steps you took to see it say that? can be in a DM too :slight_smile:

I can reproduce it on their account:

Account is per episode:

This is what the locked post shows:

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Thanks, Ralf, yes, that is the issue exactly.

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Thank you so much! This is perfect.

By the way: it also shows 1$ per month for monthly creators who don’t have a 1 dollar tier.

Edit: on the feed that is. When my post page is shared to guests, it actually says $1 per creation.
This is really a mess.

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Thanks for the update, @TypographyGuru! I’ve added it to the bug report so the team has all the info.