Login access for assistants?

I have the good fortune this month, of receiving two offers of skilled volunteering to help collate and publish my work, one for audio and one for text.

I need to be able to offer access to the text volunteer, right back to my very first post in February 2017. But currently the only way is to give her my own login.

This feels to be too insecure, as although we’ve been connected for over 6 years, we have never met and I don’t know here well, even online. It would be too easy to cause havoc inside my Patreon, either accidentally or deliberately.

Please, please, please Patreon, can you create an option for admin accounts, so creators can add others with full content access, some read-only, some publishing access, and some editing access, but without full admin of the account holder (creator). Something like we’re offered in a WordPress site would work really well.

This is suddenly a real stumbling block for me, and I urgently need a solution. Any thoughts, recommendations, or options for Alpha testing a new system dear Patreon team? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @Ando, thanks for making this post! We launched Team Accounts as part of our Creator Plans announcement as this is a popular request - currently this feature will only be in the Premium tier as our research showed that the majority of creators who wanted this feature are established creative businesses with a large following who need advanced features and a higher level of service.

Hi Mindy, thanks or the update.

Sadly, that doesn’t help me at all then, as I’m not currently earning such high income as the premium tier proposes.

Which still leaves me, and anyone else with less than $2500 per month turnover on Patreon, and an audience of over 100k, locked out, and therefore doesn’t help at all. Your creator plans info doesn’t say what the fee would be.

Which leaves me still working on my plan B which is a self-built and self-hosted alternative, where I hold the keys to all the doors. I now have volunteer/intern support on both text and audio, people who really wanted to help me, and the only way I can do that is if they both have full login access with my own account. Which is too risky. Which means I can’t use their support. I also have the person who founded my Patreon, as her own form of patronage, who hasn’t been able to further help to develop or edit, nor have the opportunity to read my Patreon, as the only way is with my own login.

I’m really disappointed that such a basic as an admin login can’t be offered below some super pro business model. It could be done in a flash on a Wordpress built project.

Thanks for the feedback, @Ando. I’ll be sure to pass this feedback onto the product team. I’d be happy to share some more about why we made the decision to launch Creator Plans.

Patreon has evolved, and the numbers and types of creators using our product have expanded. In order to meet the needs of different creators, we are differentiating our product offering. We support creators as different as a painter with 10 fans up to a media organization with 25 employees. These types of creators have very different needs and we are building products to meet those needs. For example, established creators need advanced tools like our full service merch product, team accounts, and a Dedicated Partner Manager, but we can’t build that product for 5%. Now with this new offering, we can invest in new product lines that creators will appreciate no matter where they are in their creative journey.

For the fee, Premium is best for creators that expect to make at least $2,500/mo on Patreon, so that the 12% fee equals at least $300/mo to Patreon. This ensures our cost to provide the services in Premium are covered, and creators are at a level where they can truly benefit from the advanced features.

Thanks for the reply Mindy. Unfortunately it won’t help me, but for sure will be of service to larger more established creators.

I’m spreading my wings a bit now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey Ando, I know it’s difficult when you’re building. I’m in a similar position. I think there’s some options to doing this though - in my experience the money being put back into the systems that I don’t necessarily have the skills or am most efficient at has payed back 2-3 fold when I step back and pay a reasonable price because I can then focus on what brings in new patrons. One way I’ve done this is create a little 2-3 week “nest” from patreon that allows me to bring the person on to help, with that 2-3 weeks of my time 100% dedicated to growing membership to recoup that cost to add them.

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