Long term declined Patrons

I’m very confused about ‘patrons’ that have been declined for a long time. One example I have right now is someone that has a $2 pledge. $8 lifetime support, and was last charged 2018-05-25. But under their avatar it still says “Your patron for 20 months” and what tier they are a part of. And then on their page it says they are a patron of my campaign.

I went around and soft blocked a few of these but that seems unreasonably harsh. Why can’t there be a ‘they are not scamming but I don’t want them on my page because they are obviously not coming back’ option? Or maybe declines can be moved to ‘no reward’ so my tier numbers are accurate and I don’t accidently give out extra tier rewards.

Finally, I understand they cannot see the patreon page itself but do these declined patrons still receive/keep any discord access?


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