Looking back at 2020 and looking ahead to 2021: Community Edition

This seems really cool! My biggest concern with recommendations is they’d be pre-purchase. I wouldn’t want to send people who are ready to purchase to my patreon page, only for them to see something they’d rather back instead. But as a post-purchase thing only visible to current backers, could be really neat.

I’m reminded of webrings back in the early days of the net. Creators being able to opt into one to find other content in that category/niche could be a cool way to find new patrons.

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The truth is, as a creator, I’m deeply weary of Patreon’s “great brilliant minds” who every so often come up with some way to make the platform more confusing and worse. It has happened before in they have made changes, which according to them were for the benefit of the creators, and that have only brought problems and subscriber leaks for the creators. This decision does not allow that as creators we can have complete clarity of how much we are going to collect at the beginning of the month, it does not allow us to plan with our own expenses, it does not allow us to exercise our profession with peace of mind. At the same time, our subscribers have to remember each date on which they subscribe.

It is a real annoyance that every couple of months we have to see how decisions are made under the premise of “our patreons asked for it” “our studies say so” and the truth is I never see any survey or any of those studies. And most of the requests that I see in this forum, which are totally reasonable and in order to improve the operation, are completely ignored.

I do not know how I am going to organize myself in the next few months if I am going to be collecting my sponsorships leaky throughout the month.


Is it possible to make the hyperlinks open in a new window/tab please? Especially with posts like this that are so hyperlink heavy…

On a Mac - CMD-Click will open a new tab in Safari or Firefox
On a PC - CTL-Click will open a new tab in Edge

On both systems, add SHIFT to jump to that new tab.

yes I know how to open links in new windows on my own, that’s not the point.

The point is, if Patreon is using their Discourse to being a guide and have many external links as a help guide, as a resource, as a reference guide, as a PR statement - whatever official document that has a dozen links, it’s best practice that those links open in a new window so users can easily reference the hyper links while still reading the lengthy blog.

It’s a setting on Discourse they can activate on the admin panel.

But if you do what I suggested, which I have been doing for well over a decade, it simply doesn’t matter. I always use CMD-Click on my Mac for links when I don’t want to leave the page and I don’t have to worry about the link having, eg, ‘target=blank’.

You know, there’s a lot of assuming in this thread that the payments will flow through to the creators on a daily basis, but doesn’t it seem more likely that Patreon will collect all of your April money in their bank account and then send your payment sometime in May? This would allow them to earn interest on your money, which they probably aren’t at the moment by sending payment 5 days after they collect it.

In fact, circling back to the $90,000,000 in investor money they just got a while back, “hold onto creator’s money for longer to earn interest on it” sounds like exactly the kind of advice investors would give the company…


If so, then they should have said so instead of letting the entire matter become such a noisy mess. Not once did they say anything like this, which is odd if that was the plan at any point.

It might not be! I’m just guessing that some investor who just gave them a ton of dough said, “Why hold millions of dollars for a few days when you can hold it for a month or more, earning interest on it!” Seems like the way the corporate world thinks, at least in my experience.

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Hey everyone, Robin here from our Product Marketing team. I’m jumping in to respond and thank everyone for their comments in this thread. As you may have heard we’ll be closing out some product feedback related threads as part of the project described here.

It’s been an emotional ride to re-read everything here. I’ve been following this thread since it was started, but it’s been ongoing for a while, so I went back through it again. There is a lot of passion (completely understandable) around the topic of patron billing, and other issues that came up here. I feel your frustration, and I’m sorry! We truly appreciate each and every comment and we are taking all of them to heart. I don’t have news yet on a path forward. That’s because we don’t want to rush anything through. We’re taking time to assess all points of view. We’re all humans here and we want to do the right thing by all of you. Stay tuned as we work through these issues to find the right path, with your needs in mind.

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