Looking for feedback on my Special Offer idea 💖

Hi, everyone! I hope you’re all keeping happy and healthy in these trying times! I need to ask for your advice/mindpower.

So, my SIX YEAR anniversary is coming up on Patreon :tada:!

I’m thinking of doing a special offer where I will write a custom Heart Song for one of my patrons.

I want to create a post where patrons can comment with their Heart Song idea. I’ll then select my five top heart song ideas, and put them to a vote in another Patreon post. I’ll write a song for the top voted idea.

What do you think of this? Any potential pitfalls? Is it too limited, cos at the end of the day only one person will get a song written for them…

Would creating a patron-only post at the Special Offer level be the way to go about this?

All feedback welcome.

Thank you so much!
Hugs and love


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I’m going to suggest one change: you are going to make a custom Heart Song for your Patrons. Make sure it’s clear that the finished song will be shared with all of your supporters, not just the one who eventually gets their idea selected.

The difference is that although you are technically correct that only one supporter gets their topic chosen, stating it that way suggests a lottery or raffle, and Patreon has rules about that (and if you don’t satisfy them, they won’t permit it).

On the other hand, if you state that this is for all of your supporters and repeat that the process of deciding the song’s topic involves the participation of everyone willing to suggest a topic and vote on which one is used, then it won’t be misunderstood and your idea should be fine.


This is really awesome feedback, thank you for taking the time :sparkling_heart:

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