Looking for Game Developer to team up with


I’m a moderately successful adult writer who has always had an interest in video games. A lot of my content is influenced by video games. I write isekai, many of which include levels, skills, and progression, pulling tropes from anime and jrpg. I’ve been interested in the creation of a video game. Particularly, I want to write a story and make it into a video game.

At the moment, I’m in the process of developing my own card game, which I plan to use a kickstarter for. I’d like to create a digital version of the game as a demo to try to get the actual cards pretended. At the moment, I’d probably look on fiverr and pray I get someone competent, but it’s never too soon to start looking now.

I’ve also had ideas for visual novels and other games. I’m looking to team up with someone. What I can provide is a skilled writer with an already existing fanbase. I can provide some money to get things off the ground as well. I have numerous illustrators on my payroll and can start getting art made for games. Just seeing if any starting developer is interested in working together and developing some games. If you are, throw me a message and lets see if we click. Visit my website, Whatsawhizzerwebnovels.com for contact info. Discord is the prefered way to contact me.