📦 Looking for participants in our Merchandise pilot program!

Hi everyone! I’m Adam and I work on Patreon’s product team. We’re currently piloting some interesting and exciting merchandise products with a handful of creators and I’m looking for a few more participants.

We’re looking for members of the creator community that:

  • Are already trying to send merchandise to your patrons
  • Are sending somewhere between 50-500 items per month
  • Are willing to experiment with us – this is a pilot program so it’s very early and requires back-and-forth with our team for a bit
  • Preferably are not shipping merch that has sizes associated with it (ex: no t-shirts)

Our goals for this early pilot program are to save you tons of time by handling address collection, fulfillment, shipping and support.

If this sounds like you and you’re excited about spending less time shipping and more time creating please reply to this post with your Patreon URL and I’ll take a look! If you have any more questions you can ask them here as well.


Unfortunately I don’t meet the requirements but I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with! I’ve offered physical rewards off and on and in different capacities over my years on patreon so seeing some fulfillment support would be amazing. Good luck!


Also not sending merch yet, though looking into it. Very excited to see where this heads, yay!


I haven’t launched merch yet, but as I’m doing my research to finally get that going I’m having a REALLY hard time finding sustainably + ethically sourced and organic products. It would be amazing if you could prioritize that as you build this out! Too much merchandise out in the world right now is harming our environment, and we can be a part of making a small difference. (I’d be happy to work with your team on this / share my own research from my quest!)

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Hi! I’m selling postcards sets on my page on a $15 tier, but I’m almost sold out. I’d love to try your program!
Thank you very much for that opportunity!


Hear hear! Thanks for championing this!

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I don’t quite qualify (I send out rewards every time I hit a goal) but I would be super excited for something like this, sending out stuff to 200-300 folks even just once or twice a year is a bit of a chore. I’d consider sending out even more stuff if someone else is doing fulfillment. Hopefully Patreon could get company rates on shipping too?



I will say, a HUGE reason I don’t have MORE stuff on offer is because there’s no baked in system to do so.

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I’d be happy to participate!

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Hey Adam, my name is Trevor! I am a still photographer on Patreon and would definitely be interested in participating in this pilot program! I meet the requirements and have several of my reward tiers that involve shipping physical items to my Patrons. Heard about this program at Patreon on Tour’s Chicago stop and have been interested since! Here’s my URL!

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Ah, I’m currently only doing merch through a 3rd party print-to-order place (and giving my patrons a discount link), but I very much look forward to trying this out when it’s in bigger beta or launch! patreon.com/chrysanthetan

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I am doing merchandise research starting today!! Interested in chatting with me and the team? Reply and we’ll put you on the calendar.



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I started doing printed workbooks but moved to digital bc of all the hassle. This could be something I could use to bring them back. I’m in!

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All but one of my tiers is merch related. I use Drive-Thru RPG for my printing on 99% of the things I need but if possible would be interested in offering more non-card specific items.

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We’d love be part of this. I am sick of sending out stuff, and in particular of the t-shirts.

Our community is big on embroidered patches and we just got a request for backpacks.

We are small fish but we need your help, Obi-Wan Kenobi!

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