Looking for visual artist

Hi, I’m Hoseki! I’m new in the communiy, and I’m looking for a visual artist for starting a new project. I wanted to create a comic with one of the stories I started writing, mostly fiction and romance. If anyone is interested, please let me know!!

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @hoseki - welcome to the forum! I’m so glad you’ve joined us here and on the Community Discord this weekend :hugs:

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when making a hiring post looking for artists, it’s important to include a budget, timeframe, and expected work load so that artists can immediately know if it’s a project they’re suited for!

good luck

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Thanks for the tips! I didn’t say anything about that because It’s something I recently started to write, and I would rather discuss it with anyone that was interested. Is not that I have everything settle to define the work load or timeframe :sweat_smile:

okay, but i do recommend to get a little further along in the process before trying to hire an artist. we need to know more than just “comic to a fiction story” ! there needs to be a hook to get the potential artist interested in the first place. and it should ideally be a combo of good pay and story that they’d enjoy working on.

just speaking as a professional freelance artist myself, i wouldn’t by emailing in for a job with your current description just because it could end up being a total waste of time if the pay doesn’t meet my rates or if the project is a completely different wheelhouse that what i’d usually work in. it’s just not practical to hire anyone for a job when they don’t have any information on the job. sorry, not trying to sound harsh, but i hope that helps.