Mailchimp and Patreon now have a native integration!

Mailchimp and Patreon now have a native integration!

Mailchimp’s Integration Fund supports the development of integrations on their platform, and we’re excited to annouce that our teams have worked together on a new, native integration for Patreon creators!

What’s new?

  • Now, when you link your accounts, Mailchimp will sync patron data with audiences on Mailchimp for marketing campaigns.

  • Besides patron tier and pledge status, you can now pull in more specific details about patrons, like their name to customize your Mailchimp emails.

  • We’ve worked with Mailchimp to incorporate how tier entitlements work for patron pledges so churned patrons are removed from email lists at the same time they lose access on the Patreon website.

What if I’m already using Zapier to send emails?

  • This integration built by Mailchimp’s developers replaces the need to use Zapier to make a connection between Patreon and Mailchimp accounts.

  • For creators that had already been using Zapier in this way, we expect to have a process for “migrating” existing audiences & settings available in a few weeks – We have taken down the old listing in the Patreon app directory and will have the new details included there as well soon.

  • You can learn more and get set up here:

As always, if you have any questions please thread them below. Stay tuned for more info!


This is super helpful! Thank you!

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Now this is super-helpful! Thank you!

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This has come at a great time for me because I’m just now using Mailchimp for a newsletter that I’m preparing to release! Thanks for the notification!


What is the reason for removing churned patrons from the email list? I don’t think that’s nescessarily the right thing to do. Just because someone chooses to leave your membership, doesn’t mean you don’t want to continue to send them updates on new content, products, etc.

I could see removing the patron tag, but not unsubscribing from the list itself.


Agreed. Especially since all email services like Mailchimp have unsubscribe links at the bottom of every message you send. People can opt to bail on their own.

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@doesitdoom @lisavollrath this is helpful feedback! A patron that cancels their pledge no longer receives exclusive patron-only content so removing churned patrons keeps things consistent. But I see your point for the sake of an email list! I’ve passed it along to the Mailchimp team and will ask them to provide more context.

Thanks for your feedback!

Thank you for this! Will you post an update regarding the status of the Zapier integration when it’s ready? I’m keen to stop using Zapier, but don’t want to mess anything up by shutting it down before you have published instructions.

We will! The Mailchimp team is still working on a few features. When those are up and running, we’ll be sharing more about how to use them. :slight_smile:

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